Paul Dickman - Biography

I was born in Sydney, Australia, and studied mathematics and statistics at the University of Newcastle in Australia. During and following my undergraduate studies, I worked at the Health Services Research Group (HSRG) in the Department of Statistics at the University of Newcastle on various projects associated with the application of hospital inpatient statistics for resource allocation, strategic planning, outcome measurement, management reporting, and quality improvement in health care.

While at the HSRG, I worked on a project describing cancer patient survival for the South Australian Cancer Registry and became interested in methods for studying regional and social class variation in cancer patient survival. This became the topic of my doctoral thesis, which I commenced in 1993 at the University of Newcastle under the supervision of Professor Bob Gibberd.

In November 1993 I travelled to Sweden with the intention of spending 10 months working on my doctoral thesis with Professor Timo Hakulinen at the Cancer Epidemiology Unit at Karolinska Institutet. I enjoyed my time in Sweden so much that I spent most of the next three years there before returning to Australia in November 1996 to finalise my doctoral thesis, which was completed in March 1997.

After completing my doctoral thesis, I worked for three months at the Finnish Cancer Registry in Helsinki where my main project was a description of cancer patient survival in Finland during 1955-1994. I then returned to Sweden and worked with Gunnar Steineck at the Clinical Epidemiology Research Unit at Karolinska Institutet, primarily on projects studying the affect of cancer and its treatment on sexual function and quality of life.

In March 1999, I joined the Department of Medical Epidemiology (now Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics) at Karolinska Institutet, where I have been working ever since.