SAS notes

The SAS seminars are aimed at MEB doctoral students and are held irregularly.

Click on the links to download the overheads and notes.

A great source for SAS information is the UCLA Stat Computing Portal.

Date Topic Teacher
990309 Permanent format catalogues PaulD
990330 Missing values
The LENGTH statement
990420 Logistic regression in SAS version 6 Fredrik
990527 Introduction to SAS/GRAPH
Histograms using PROC CAPABILITY
SAS autocall libraries
Function keys
FIRST. and LAST. variables
Categorising a variable into quintiles

Converting variable types (e.g. char to num)
Calculating age in completed years
Calculating age at diagnosis from PNR and diagnosis date
(See also working with SAS dates)
Customised notes and warnings

990914 Formats and informats
Working with SAS date time values
991130 Printing all variables for a single observation
Referring to variables - 'Variable lists'
Sample statistic functions
Introduction to arrays
Verifying the check digit on person numbers
010424 Working efficiently with SAS PaulD
030325 The Little SAS Book Chapters 1 & 2 AnnaJ
030415 The Little SAS Book Chapters 3 & 4 [SAS code] Åsa
030422 The Little SAS Book Chapter 5 AnnaT
030429 Analysing matched case-control studies using PROC PHREG AnnaJ
030506 Tips and tricks (with a focus on data cleaning) PaulD
030603 Debugging your SAS programs (The Little SAS Book Chapter 8) Åsa
031028 Logistic regression in SAS version 8 PaulD
031111 Modifying and combining SAS data sets, merging with registry data Åsa
031118 Working efficiently with SAS PaulD
031125 Working with SAS dates AnnaJ
031202 Creating Graphs with SAS. An overview and some examples Sven
041026 PROC SQL [code] Gustaf
050603 Cox regression using PROC PHREG PaulD
041026 PROC SQL II [handout, pass-through slides] Gustaf
061122 Estimating ratios of proportions (risk ratios) PaulD
120227 SAS Formats and SAS Dates [handout] AnnaJ
120412 Introduction to PROC SQL [handout] [code] Ninoa
120607 Survival analysis using SAS AnnaJ